How to Clean Upholstery of Your Car


No eating policy is a rule that is difficult to implement for people who drive their cars a lot. Although this is the major reason why most cars’ upholstery is getting messed up, one cannot avoid small accidents such as soda and coffee spill while driving for work or children playing sticky candies inside the car. These simple mishaps especially if not given proper and immediate attention can leave hard to remove stains. These are just some of the many reasons why car owners should know how to clean upholstery.

Knowing how to clean upholstery by yourself can save you some cash if the fabric does not require high end cleaners. You just need to look for cheap but high quality cleaning agents depending on the type of your car’s upholstery. You can find a lot of different cleaning agents no matter what kind of upholstery you have. Just spray these cleaning agents and carefully rub on the stained spots then wipe the spots out with a clean and dry cloth. Cleaning agents should not cost you a lot if you know how to search for best buys that are available in the market today.

If you know how to clean upholstery by hand, then you probably won’t need to rent or buy steam cleaner machines. Although cleaning by your hand using upholstery cleaner may take time, this is the cheapest way of cleaning your car’s upholstery especially if the fabric is not made of wool, linen, and silk, and that it does not have the tendency to shrink or spot. But if your car’s upholstery is made of these fabrics, cleaning it by hand and liquid cleaner may not be enough and you might want to find other ways to remove the stains.

How to Clean Upholstery That Contaminated with Stains

You might be interested to know how to clean upholstery stains. If stains come from coffee or soda, you must immediately dilute it with cold water then blot the stains with clean rags, or you can also use paper towels. If you find out minor stains after the spots dried, you can try to spray using glass cleaners or paint thinners using a clean cotton cloth. Just cover the stains with salt until the left over stains are absorbed and vacuumed. Another way is by taking a gallon of warm water then add an abundant amount of dish detergent. You also need to add a cup of white or clear vinegar. Make sure that you have a brush with hard bristles so you can thoroughly combine the mixture into the upholstery fibers. Let the mixture sit for about thirty to forty five minutes then blot the spots with absorbent rags or thick towels.

If you are guided by available options on how to clean upholstery, you can keep your car longer and safer to use. Just keep in mind that regular cleaning must always be done with or without the stains to Lengthen The Life Of Your Car’s Upholstery. This will prevent you from spending extra cash just to replace the stained one.

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