Tips on Car Upholstery Repair

Car Upholstery Repair

If your car interior seems old and messy, maybe you already need to do some car upholstery repair. If you love your car, and you want it to look new all the time, you have to give enough attention to keep it always neat and clean. Spending a few minutes of your time to check the interior and exterior of your car will not greatly affect you, besides it is your car which is at stake. As a car owner, it is advisable for you to learn some basic tips that you can use to make your car look and smell good all the time. You must learn how to do simple repairs on your car to avoid spending too much for it. Mending upholstery is actually a lot cheaper, and it is just practical to try to fix things on your own as much as possible.

There are different types of car upholstery materials. Common materials are leather, cloth, velour, or vinyl. Each material has a number of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, it is easier to clean up a spill of soda on vinyl and leather, but easier to fix punctures on velour and cloth materials. Knowing the type of materials your car’s upholstery will guide you in doing simple upholstery repair. Looking for a car upholstery repair kit online could be a great help for you to check its advantages and disadvantages. There are also specific instructions about the repair kits and you can also read testimonies about the products to check its quality. It is easier to look in online car upholstery repair shops for they also have a wide variety of products and they can definitely give you the same quality that you want.

The type of car upholstery cleaner that you will need also depends on the type of the upholstery material. Leathers should be cleaned using an interior cleaning leather solution and then must be followed by a leather conditioner. Fabric can be cleaned by spray-on upholstery cleaners. While on vinyl, you can use a simple soap and water solution. Car upholstery repair shops can also give you advice on the type of upholstery cleaner that you will need for your car.

Car Upholstery Repair for Cigarette Burns

For treating holes or cigarette burns, you can try to look for a patch that matches the design of your car upholstery material. You can buy patches at car accessories shops. Choose a strong thread that you think can strongly hold the type of material that you are using. It is also advisable to use a curve needle on stitching. However, if you are not sure with what you’re doing, you better have it repaired by a professional. You might make things worse if you will insist on repairing your car upholstery by yourself.

If you want to avoid having stains on your car upholstery, you have to clean your car regularly. Once the car is vacated, immediately remove the trash if there’s any. Clean up spills as soon as you can for the sooner they are removed, the lesser the chance for the stain to stay on the car upholstery for good. Car upholstery repair can actually just be as simple as self-discipline.

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